Vaginoplasty is a popular surgical procedure in which the vaginal walls and the vaginal opening are tightened to add firmness and tone to the body.

Childbirth, aging, or genetics, can cause the vaginal tissues and supporting muscles to become weak. As a result, they lose strength and tone. The looseness can be felt not only by the woman, but by her partner during intercourse.  With weakened vaginal muscles comes physical discomfort, emotional insecurity, displeasure, and even pain during intercourse and a feeling of a loss of femininity.

For the millions of women undergoing vaginoplasty procedures, there are many benefits to this surgery that make it especially appealing.  It creates more friction during intercourse and more sensation, making orgasms easier to achieve for some women. It also helps boost confidence and self-esteem in countless women who feel less than comfortable with the changes that their body has undergone over the years by helping them to feel more feminine and youthful.