Causes of frequent urination

There are several disorders that can cause frequent urination. In addition to diabetes and the other conditions listed above, in rarer cases it could be caused by bladder dysfunction or cancer, as well as some medications. An enlarged prostate and drinking too much before going to bed may cause nocturia.

Diagnosing frequent urination

There are a number of diagnostic tests that your urologist can use to investigate your problem. Often, he will first give you a physical examination, which can include an abdominal, pelvic and/or rectal exam. He might also give you blood tests to determine your renal and thyroid function levels, as well as your plasma levels. Urine analysis will help establish if you have urinary tract infection or if you might be suffering from hyperthyroidism or diabetes.

Treatment for Frequent Urination

Management of frequent urination is often dependent on the cause. Antibiotics and other medications may be prescribed to help alleviate the symptoms and discomfort. The best way to cure the problem is with treatment of the cause. A treatment plan will be determined based on the individual needs and circumstances of the patient.