Dr. Mehri Mehrad (Consultant Urologist)


Dr. Mehri Mehrad Is a well-known urologist surgeon in Iran & Middle East, and worldwide.

She has been specifically working in Urogynecology, Neurourology, and practicing in Iran & Gulf countries.

She completed her graduation and post-graduation Urology Board in Iran Medical University, Tehran, Iran.

She was working as head of ESWL department in Payambaran Hospital in 2001-2003, she was scientific representative Wolf company in Iran.

And then in 2003, she went to Germany to take courses in Pelvic floor and urogynecology in Berlin and Munich till 2006.

She worked as a consultant visiting urologist in Kuwait as the only female urologist for the Middle East region, from 2006-2016 in prestigious centers especially for voiding dysfunction, urinary incontinence, and female sexual dysfunction.

She had multiple training courses in Aesthetic Urogynecology in 2015 and she has a lot of experience in this field.

After years of experience in pelvic floor & urinary problems, urinary incontinence, she felt a need to learn more about neurogenic bladder, so she went to Zurich Balgrist and she took three courses in Neurourology with an international prominent specialist.

Then she headed to Maastricht, Netherland, one of the leading centers in the world for Neurourology. There she learned practically Sacral Nerve Modulation (SNM) and completed her training course in Neurourology.

She has had the privilege of being an Executive member of INUS (International Neurourology Society) for Iran & Gulf countries.

She has been so passionate about Neurourology and has done great efforts in Iran for organizing local & international congresses.

She initiated the first International Multidisciplinary Neurourology congress in Tehran in 2016, this Congress has been held-biennially ever since (2016-2018-2021).

Dr. Mehri Mehrad, MD is the Promotion Office of the Board of the International Neuro-Urology Society. She was elected to her current INUS position at the 2023 Annual Congress. She is Consultant Urologist and Neuro-urologist. She is the treasurer of the Iranian Female & Functional Urology Society, the Head of Neuro-urology Department of FNRC, SBMU, Shohada Tajrish
Hospital, Tehran, Iran. She also is the Head of Voiding Dysfunction & Urodynamic clinic of Pars Hospital, Tehran, Iran. Drawing from years of experience working in Iran, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, and Qatar, she founded Mehrad One Day Center, which is a urology private clinic with more than 16,000 active patients.

She has been the organizer of the local INUS Congress in Tehran, Iran in 2016, 2018, and 2021. She has organized joint sessions between INUS and the Iranian Urological Association.
Dr. Mehrad graduated from Iran University of Medical Science, Tehran, Iran, and is board certified from Iran University. She has participated in several training courses in pelvic
floor reconstruction, urodynamics, and laser and vaginal reconstruction.

She also completed a Fellowship in cosmetic gynecology and was board certified in cosmetic gynecology on 2022. She founded the female functional urogynecology department in Kuwait in 2012 and the Voiding Dysfunction & Neuro-urology clinic in Pars Hospital in 2010.

She also led the International Multidisciplinary Neuro-urology Congress in Iran in 2016.

Dr. Mehrad is interested in social and cultural activities to utilize her knowledge to improve the lives of female patients, particularly those who are suffering from female genital mutilation, female sexual dysfunction, and urinary dysfunction. 
She is interested in health management and business strategy, as well as in new marketing and branding approaches.

The centers that have been initiated and founded by Dr. Mehri Mehrad

Consultant Urologist | Promotion Officer of INUS | Secretary of Iranian Neurourology committee | Treasurer of Iranian female & functional urology society | Head of Neurourology department of FNSRC, Iran

  • Voiding dysfunction and urodynamic Clinic in Pars Hospital, Tehran, Iran in 2010 ~ Present
  • Female urology center (Female Kuwait-German urology unite) FKGU 2011 ~ 2015
  • Neurourology & Urodynamic clinic in Diabetic research center of Tehran University 2015 ~ Present
  • Neurourology committee in IUA (Iranian Urological Association)
  • Neurourology Department in Functional Neurourology research center (FNRC) headed by Dr. Mehri Mehrad 2021 ~ Present

Currently, she is concentrating on her One Day Center Clinic (ODC) which has been founded by her in 2017. It is an innovative private urology center called Mehrad ODC (One-Day Center), meaning one-stop one shot.

It is one of the most well-equipped centers in Iran that provides professional services on a worldwide level. Of all these experiences and expertise, she has been requested and sought to supply consultancy services for setting up and founding urology centers, clinics, hospitals in Iran, Turkey, Kuwait, Dubai, Qatar, …

International Activities

International speakers in many congresses like ICS, PACS, INUS, IUGA, Kuwait, Turkey, ISPP
Invited speaker as a faculty member for INUS, PACS, Turkish Functional urology society, ISPP
Organizer and moderator in local & INUS Congress
2 weeks ESSM course in Budapest 2018

  • Voiding dysfunction services
  • Neurogenic bladder
  • sexual dysfunction diagnosis and treatment services
  • Enuresis diagnosis and treatment
  • Female urinary incontinence (SUI_Urge)
  • urology checkup services
  • Bedwetting diagnosis and treatment
  • Male urinary incontinence (post prostatectomy)
  • Bedwetting diagnosis and treatment

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