How we could run our clinic in the Covid-19 pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic is a powerful reminder that we live in a highly complex and unpredictable world.
We learned in Covid Era, If we want to be a great manager or business owner, we don’t need to try to think like a business person, we should Think like a doctor.

Since In Iran we have 2 kinds of Healthcare services: Public / Private

In Public centers/hospitals that are mostly related to governments or hospitals, the Doctors & staff are employees with fixed salaries that are not related to the number of patients.
Therefore they don’t have serious concerns regarding financial problems in the first months after the pandemic.
However in private clinics/centers, we encounter many challenges, such as financial, supplier resources, retraining the staff, Social distancing for patients, Hygiene, sterility, update social roots for communication,…

As a urology private clinic owner I want to share my experience and how we could survive and save our center in the Covid era.
First of all, we should know about the principles of a successful clinic, in modern life, we should assess the needs of patients and giving trusty modern services to patients.

4 Tips on How to Run a Clinic Efficiently as a Practice Owner


Automation, EMR, telemedicine tools

A simple way to save yourself time in your day-to-day operations is to automate as many tasks as possible.

Marketing / Advertising

Medical practices need marketing too! There are so many tools online that can help you sell yourself to potential patients


Your team is the foundation of your practice – don’t forget to make sure they’re working under optimal conditions!
Expert teams & knowledge of team was one the successful keys so teaching classes and warm atmosphere is very important.


Panel Management

One of the most important and strategic moves you can make is to have a solid understanding of your general demographic and your business so DNA & corporate identity and making a vision & mission.
Knowing what your patient flow looks like will help you better organize your time.
Do you have a lot of millennial patients? Then you’re likely to find that they want to make appointments after work, whereas for old patients better make appointments in the early afternoon, Understanding this data and how to adjust your preparation for appointments can make a world of difference, and save you valuable time.


Reduce overhead

One way many clinics find themselves struggling is in their finances. Often times if practice owners are not highly aware of all their expenses, they tend to miss important details that could be detrimental with time. The easiest way to combat this is to stay on top of your expenses.
A great way to keep track of this information is to keep consistent reports of what your finances look like. Typically, a good practice to follow w is doing a practice costs report weekly, a financial metrics report monthly, and a workflow analysis report quarterly.
Based on 4 tips ( EMR& technology, expert staff, facility for staff, facilities for patients, complete services, financial controls) the successful clinic policy is everyday policy and should consider every corner of business every day.
With an unpredictable Covid pandemic, we had a big challenge.
our center DNA, was based on a Smart clinic with the slogan of “ Be Smart, Be healthy “ and we had IT, Marketing, couch, medical team for handling an updated clinic before Covid.
But we did not know our weak points.

Covid thought us a lot and we made a new SOP for each team and staff and also for patients.

SOP for patients

We had only one Entrance for patients so exactly after the Covid pandemic we prepared entrance

  1. Sterility equipment & supplier, machine for shoe cover, sterility spray machine for hands and feet. we served to patients extra Masks, gloves, shields.
  2. We accepted only the patient not the family
  3. We reduce the capacity appointments had distance between
  4. We accepted the patients with indication for available services like: Sonography, Urodynamic , Vaginal laser, PFM physiotherapy & Electromagnet chair & ESWT
    For elective cases we had opened the files and we did consultation but postpone the procedures.
  5. We offer to patients our telemedicine ways ( whtasapp , Instagram , 3 mobiles , land lines )
    So they could stay home and we were following their situation by remote healthcare

New SOP for Staff :

  1. Preparing for all of the special clothing, guns, shields, masks, extra spray for e wry room
  2. Social distancing
  3. Redesign the front desk and covering within the glass
  4. Reduce their work hours

The Covid-19 pandemic has presented an array of novel and acute challenges, from managing the supply chain for personal protective equipment (PPE) to adjusting workforce capacity to coping with financial loss.

Key Challenges for Health Care Delivery Organizations

  1. The first key challenge is the lack of adequate capacity to handle the surging patient volume
  2. The second challenge is the need for a real-time redesign of care models for patients
  3. Another challenge for hospitals and clinics during this pandemic is the financial loss due to the cancellation of elective procedure

To manage capacity, financial loss, and care redesign, health care organizations have made the critical decision to release or reduce the workforce or to shift many employees to remote work, including clinicians working with telehealth technologies.
Rightsizing and retraining workers is difficult in normal times and is even more difficult when changes need to be implemented expeditiously

New principles and maybe our successful keys

  1. Controlling the expenses & daily financial reports
  2. Extending the telemedicine ways & tolls
  3. 24/7 availability, with 3 mobile lines, Instagram, WhatsApp Business,
  4. Increase the Marketing budget for announcing our telemedicine, online, offline advertising
  5. Making a new informative website & Instagram
  6. Online Free of charge consultation every Saturday on Instagram (dr_mehrad_official)
  7. Instagram live for explaining the disease 2 times per week and having Q/A session ( free)
  8. Making an informative podcast, videos, WhatsApp consultation, zoom webinars, … makes our center one of the prominent and trustworthy clinics, and our vision for next year is reaching to a click & click clinic.

These challenges are likely to arise again in any future surprise event. Whether the event is a natural disaster, terrorism, or a pandemic, health care delivery organizations will be challenged to suddenly adjust capacity, redesign care, manage financial loss, and retraining staff.